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How much does it cost to use
Nothing at all. One2Find is now and always will be absolutely FREE for Jobseekers.
How do I search for a job?
Click on the flag of the country where you want to search for a job. Then enter job description (ie Driver) and then the town or zip or postcode where you want to look for a job. Alternatively you can enter a company name (ie HSBC) and search for all jobs that they have advertised.
Can I search more more than one country at a time?
No, You can only search one country at a time.
Am I under any obligation to purchase anything?
No. You are never under any obligation to purchase anything. Please try to be sincere in all of your requests so as to avoid wasted time.
Do I have to have my own e-mail address to use
No. You do not have to give any details to use our job search engine.
When do I begin to get replies to my inquiry?
The responses time can vary, you may get replies in minutes or you may get replies over a number of days. There is no obligation to accept any job offered.
How do I get in contact with job advertisers?
Click on the ‘apply’ button on the job advert page. Most advertisers prefer to accept applications via their own website. The advertiser will normally respond with an e-mail. Contained in the body of their e-mail will be the best ways to contact them. It is now up to you to initiate contact with the advertiser.
How is my privacy protected?
Advertisers are not given your details until you contact them directly. All your personal information is protected against unauthorized access. will not share your information with other organizations for commercial purposes, nor do we sell, trade, or rent personal information.
Can I use One2Find anywhere in the world?
Yes. There are no geographic boundaries to using our search service. However, be sure to check any local requirements required by the employer.
Do I need to give credit card information to to use this service?
No. We will not ask you for any credit card information during the search process.
Can I save my job searches?
No, jobs are displayed on the fly what that means is that every time you do a search new jobs are shown on the results.
Why can't the search I made recognise my location?
By far the most common reason for this is misspellings. Double check your location to make sure you spelt the place name or entered the zip or postcode correctly.
Do you guarantee the quality of products and services offered through the service? does not represent or endorse the accuracy, reliability, quality or price of any goods or services that are obtained by you in connection with the services offered through the service. By agreeing to use service, you acknowledge that any reliance upon any goods or services shall be at your sole risk. Please view the Terms of Service.


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